6 reasons why you will simply love us!


Digital Picture - Crystal clear picture with MPEG 4 Technology.
Digital Sound - True theatre sound with awesome CD quality.


No more cable woes such as service breakdowns or channel shifting. Reliable and consistent viewing.

Flexible packages

Select from our flexible, value for money packages.

Over 300 Channels

Enjoy more channels for your family's complete entertainment needs.

Exclusive Cinema Channels

Watch latest blockbuster movies and regional movies at your home.

Pay Less

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Other reasons to love us
Feature   Description
Guide   2 days advance Programme Guide with description
Mini Guide   Lists all available channels and displays information about the selected program at the bottom of the screen
Exclusive Cinema Channels  
  • More movies, more options every hour
  • Advertisement-free cinema viewing
  • Friday Premiere! New movies added every 15 days
Interactives   Includes iGames and iEnglish
  • Set up a personal program guide of the channels you watch the most
  • Assign personalized names to your favourites list – e.g. Mom, Dad, etc.
My Top 10   Gives you a list of frequently watched channels and gives access to your most viewed channels list in a jiffy
Parental Control  
  • Enables to lock a channel
  • Block programs based on their content rating
  • Can be unlocked only by using your unique PIN
Reminders   Don’t miss a program. View all reminders from the Reminders list. Onscreen alert pop-up message displayed when program is about to start
  • All you need to know about Reliance Digital TV
  • Get product information on the RDTV Android application
  • Info on channel packages, special offers and quick fixes
  • On-screen user guide